Deep Universe is a creative film studio that creates video clips, experimental, short, medium and documentary films.


We strive to make all our work performed by our team inventive and original. Before making a movie, we sketch a movie set on a piece of paper. Based on the conversation, assumptions of the scale of the project and the expected effect, we prepare a scenario that we later present to the client for feedback. We also present examples of special effects, film and sound editing techniques that we can put in our works.


We have departed from standard solutions. The biggest innovation is not only in 4K resolution filming, but also in Full HD at 60 frames per second. Not only that, the image seems to be flowing on the screen, but in addition we have more precise precision in assembly cuts than in standard 30 fps. What's more, through special computer algorithms, we can increase them up to 1000kl / s, which makes the moment of the movie clip a considerable number of possible versions to assemble ... And from just one scene. Another innovation is found in the computer program, which has a full-featured set of object tracking tools. This program, by generating permanent reference points, even in the most difficult shots, allows you to track the shape, position, zoom, rotation, skewing and perspective adjustment. This saves hours of manual work when creating the so-called rotoscopy, that is, manually creating keyframes to mask or modify a given form in the video. The third innovation is the use of a special background usually only used in professional film and television productions. It consists in isolating a certain fragment from the whole by excluding it, for example, with "Green Screen". Thanks to this, we can completely or partially replace the background in the movie.


A modern mirrorless camera, mounted on a camera arm or mechanical arm, creates a relative movement that gives the image plane an illusory depth. It is, among other things, thanks to such devices that customers will be able to feel like in a real cinema film.



Paweł Kucharczyk

CEO Deep Universe


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